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Watershed Guides

Describes challenges and benefits, development, obstacles, technical advisor selection, conducting effective meetings, team building exercises. 12-page guide.
Provides background, describes components, highlights key elements. 8-page guide.
Describes the relationship between groundwater and surface water in a watershed. Identifies threats to groundwater. 16-page guide.
Explains how to  develop communication and leadership skills. Includes listening, brainstorming and meeting suggestions. 8-page guide.
Describes sources, assessments, strategies, negotiation, public policy, conflict, resolving conflict. 8-page.
Explains how to put together a plan. Covers gathering and analyzing information, setting objectives, selecting management alternatives, developing strategies, measuring progress and evaluating efforts. 16-page guide.
Describes how a lake and its watershed are linked. 12-page guide.
Provides an explanation of wetlands and how they are beneficial to your watershed, as well as methods of managing and restoring wetlands. 8-page guide.